Woman claims defective product caused catastrophic injury

When you purchase a product, you expect that it will serve its purpose. Some Philadelphia residents may find that defective products can have much stronger consequences than simply not working. In fact, when certain items do not function the way they should, they can cause serious injury and a mountain of medical bills. One woman has learned the hard way that not all products that need a warning label come with one after she claims a defective product caused catastrophic injury.

The woman filed suit earlier this year in Philadelphia’s Common Pleas Court after incurring what she calls catastrophic injuries. She utilized a pelvic mesh product from a medical company that was marketed as safe, effective and reliable, according to the suit. However, the plaintiffs assert that the products actually have high injury and complication rates, as they fail to perform their duty.

The lawsuit also contends that the device’s manufacturer provided insufficient warning about the dangers of the item, under-reporting and withholding information about the possibility that the pelvic mesh could not only fail, but also cause injuries. The suit notes the manufacturer filed to perform or utilize adequate testing to determine the risks of its product, which causes severe and irreversible injuries to many women.

The plaintiff says she has experienced severe and permanent pain and disability as a result of the defective product. The pelvic mesh was surgically implanted to help her treat stress urinary incontinence. However, she said she has now sustained infection, blood loss and pelvic floor damage – among a long list of other injuries.

Her attorneys may now be taking the case to federal court, as the medical company’s lawyers note damages may exceed the limit of the Pennsylvania court. People who find themselves pursuing a product liability case should utilize the help of attorneys who can ensure justice is delivered.

Source: The Penn Record, “American Medical Systems removes pelvic mesh products liability claim to federal court,” Jon Campisi, Nov. 13, 2013

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