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Ford Recalls F-150 Trucks and Lincoln Continentals Due to Dangerous Defects

Ford Motor Co. recently issued a recall for more than 1 million F-150 pickups and thousands of Lincoln Continentals. About 1.48 million F-150 trucks are being recalled due to a possible transmission issue that could cause an accident. The Lincoln Continental recall includes over 25,000 sedans that have a door-latch defect. Are F-150 and Lincoln Continental Vehicle Owners at Risk of an Accident? Ford has selected the 2011-2013 F-150 models…
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Ford Recalls 2017 Model Year Vehicle Due to Defective Seats

Ford has recalled certain 2017 model year vehicles due to a defective seat recliner mechanism that have welds that may fail in a crash. Vehicles named in the Recall: 2017 Ford F-550 SD 2017 Ford F-150 2017 Ford Explorer 2017 Ford F-350 SD 2017 Ford F-450 SD 2017 Ford F-250 SD If this happens, the seat may collapse and will not provide adequate protection and restraint to the occupant, and…
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Ford Door Latch Recall: What Do I Need to Know?

The New York Times recently ran a report about how much the Ford door latch recall is going to cost the automaker. According to the story in The Times, the price tag for replacing all the defective door latches will be somewhere in the neighborhood of $640 million. However, this shouldn’t be an issue for a company that was looking at an estimated year-end pretax profit of $10.8 billion, which…
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