Recall Alert: Is Your Replacement Galaxy Note 7 Broken Too?

medical malpractice clientJust as it appeared that Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 recall was working, new issues involving the phone have surfaced. According to The Wall Street Journal, customers who have received replacement Galaxy Note 7s are complaining that the smartphones are defective. Unlike the issue that led to the initial recall, this new defect does not reportedly cause the phones to catch fire and/or explode. However, there is still a problem with the Galaxy 7s overheating.

What’s Wrong with the Replacement Galaxy Note 7s?

In the wake of the worldwide Galaxy Note 7 recall, Samsung first began replacing Note 7s that were at risk of exploding in South Korea. Not long after receiving their replacement smartphones, customer complaints came rolling in. It seems that while the replacement Galaxy phones don’t explode, they do have problems that could lead to the replacements needing replacements.

Reportedly, the batteries in the replacement Galaxy Notes overheat and can’t hold a charge. In fact, according to reports coming out of South Korea, the phones even lose battery power while they are being charged. Unfortunately, it is not as simple as replacing the defective batteries in the phones, because they cannot be removed.

For its part, Samsung has refuted reports that the issues with the replacement Galaxy Note 7s involved defective batteries. Instead, the company says that the defective smartphones in South Korea are an isolated incident involving problems during mass production of the phones.

Do you believe Samsung when it says the Galaxy Note 7 battery defect is an isolated issue or are they hiding a bigger problem? We are anxious to hear your thoughts about this issue. Tell us what you think on Facebook.

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