Pass the gravy and watch out for drunk Pennsylvania drivers

The holidays mean different things for different people in Philadelphia. Some look forward to going home and having turkey with all the fixing with those they love most. Others are trying to remain calm in the face of having to sit next to their mother-in-law while she complains about the mashed potatoes. Most people probably fall somewhere in between a combination of these two scenes.

Wherever residents in Pennsylvania find themselves, everyone should bear in mind a few Thanksgiving safety tips before heading out the door today. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is typically the day of heaviest congestion for turkey connoisseurs traveling by car.

According to AAA, 90 percent of individuals that travel for this holiday do so by vehicle. This means that there will be a large surge in the number of cars on roadways all across Pennsylvania. This also means that there is more opportunity for a wreck. Unfortunately, Thanksgiving week is one of the most fatal weeks of the year regarding car accidents. Thanksgiving is one of four federal holidays that has higher-than-average fatal crash rates.

However, there are certainly measures that drivers from Philadelphia can take when traveling elsewhere in the state or country. A large problem associated with driving during the holiday season is intoxicated drivers. They are out there, and they are reckless, it is important to be mindful and attempt to avoid the hours during which their concentration will be the highest. Further, driving late at night also leaves drivers susceptible to being struck by a drowsy driver.

While an individual injured by another negligent driver can stand to financially recoup, no one would wish to have their Thanksgiving holiday marred by a serious car accident. Bearing these tips in mind should better protect an individual so they can focus on the important things: good company, good food and tolerating the in-laws.

Source: USA Today, “Thanksgiving week one of the deadliest on the highway,” Larry Copeland, Nov. 18, 2012

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