New technology to help parents keep teens safe behind the wheel

Parents of teenagers in Philadelphia are likely hyper aware of the fact that car accidents are the leading cause of death for teenagers in the nation. There can be a struggle between teenagers and parents in the parameters around driving when a teenager first gets their license. The parent is of course looking out for the best interest and safety of their child. However, the teenager wants to assert their independence, and does not appreciate feed back or constant reminders about driving safety.

There are a few new technologies currently available on the market that can feel like a happy compromise between these opposing forces for many teens and their parents. One such new technology is a dashboard device that can detect when a teen is driving dangerously and record data around the incident. One insurance representative says of this technology, “They can look at the speed of the driving, can look at whether or not the teen is being reckless in their driving.”

This technology is not about spying on teens, but rather about peace of mind for parents and the ability to give concrete feedback around improving a teen’s driving abilities. Some insurance companies are offering devices like this with their plans, and other cars are already coming installed with technology of a similar nature.

Parents in Pennsylvania can also purchase products like this to be installed in their teen’s vehicle. It is important to have a discussion with your teen that this is not a matter of not trusting them, but a matter of wanting to protect their safety.

Source: CBS New York, “New Technology Could Help Teens Stay Safe Behind The Wheel,” April 4, 2013

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