Medical malpractice suit nets brain damaged woman $120 million in damages

Philadelphia residents naturally expect that when they report to a hospital or a doctor’s office, they are going to be treated with care, professionalism and attentiveness. But that is not what happened to one New York woman and because of that, she went through a medical malpractice nightmare.

In February 2004, the woman was admitted to a hospital because she was suffering from a seizure. Hospital staff gave her an anti-seizure medication to which she was allergic, however, and she went into cardiac arrest. Because staff members were not watching her closely enough, she suffered brain damage because she didn’t get help in time. Her attorney claimed it was the worst case of failing to monitor a patient that he had ever seen.

The harm done to this woman is permanent, as is her physical incapacitation. She now needs round-the-clock care and can no longer take care of herself, let alone live the way she once did. She was only 37 when her ordeal began.

If there is anything good to come out of this story, it is that the woman’s mother brought a medical malpractice lawsuit on her behalf and recently came out on top. The woman was recently awarded $120 million in damages. Of course, money won’t remedy the harm that has been done to her, but such an award does punish the hospital (and hopefully prompts it to make reforms) and means the woman won’t have to struggle to pay for the extensive care she will need for the rest of her life.

Source: IrishCentral, “Irish lawyer wins $120 million verdict in NYC malpractice suit,” Molly Muldoon, May 30, 212

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