Former neurosurgeon accused of medical negligence

Injuries may form the basis for any personal injury claim. Yet a personal injury attorney knows that it takes more than an accident to obtain compensation for injuries. Through a civil lawsuit, an injury victim can present proof to a jury of how the other party was negligent or deviated from the applicable standard of care. If a jury agrees that the evidence proves negligence by a preponderance of the evidence, a victim may be able to recover damages and compensation for his or her injuries.

Yet determining the applicable standard of care can be subject to dispute, even among experts in the field. A recent profile of a neurosurgeon illustrates this problem. According to the record of the hospital where the former neurosurgeon used to practice, his record is clean.

Yet according to several allegations, several of the former neurosurgeon’s patients were seriously injured after undergoing procedures, and one patient even died. There was also a two-week period during the former neurosurgeon’s employment when he was suspended.

The man, who is now 42, left his former hospital in 2012 and is no longer licensed to practice medicine in any state. He is reportedly working as a researcher and consultant. Yet it’s unclear why the man was not held accountable in a medical malpractice lawsuit by any of the allegedly injured patients. The department of state health services in the state where the man used to be a neurosurgeon is looking into that very issue, examining how the hospital handled the allegations.

Source: Dallas News, “Plano’s Baylor hospital faces hard questions after claims against former neurosurgeon,” Doug J. Swanson, March 1, 2014

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