Fatal Pennsylvania traffic accident involved a unique twist

Accidents happen every day on Pennsylvania roads. Sometimes they are single-vehicle accidents and sometimes more than one vehicle is involved. A recent fatal car accident involved multiple vehicles, but it was not a collision between the vehicles that caused serious injury.

On Wednesday, a 31-year-old journalist from Philadelphia was driving on the Pennsylvania turnpike when she was struck by a dangerous surprise. A road sign crashed through the windshield of her car, hit her in the head and caused her to lose control of her vehicle. Her injuries were fatal.

Just a couple of days after the accident, the victim died in the hospital after sustaining head injuries in the wreck. With any accident, especially fatal ones, it is natural to want to know more about what caused the tragedy and whether there is justice to be done.

In this incident, how did the road sign get flung through the victim’s windshield? She didn’t crash into it. Another driver reportedly did. Sources report that a truck driver’s side mirror collided with a road sign, sending it into the air and through the victim’s window.

The Daily Mail doesn’t report if the driver of the truck has been charged with a crime or whether that is a possibility. Hypothetically, however, one might see reason to possibly hold the driver accountable for the accident. Could he have avoided hitting the road sign? Was he speeding or swerving outside of his lane? Officials should be looking into the matter, and the answers they find could support a criminal charge as well as a wrongful death lawsuit if the victim’s surviving family members were interested.

Source: Daily Mail, “Woman dies in freak accident as a road sign hurtles through her windscreen, sending her crashing into a truck,” Laura Cox, April 17, 2012

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