Does Eating More Soy Help Prevent Breast Cancer?

Could eating more soy help prevent breast cancer? A recent article in Time shed light on the connection between soy and cancer, including making the claim that consuming more soy-based foods can lower your chances of dying of breast cancer.

Will Eating More Soy Really Help Prevent Breast Cancer?

Per the report in Time, a study set out to prove once and for all whether soy is our friend in the fight against breast cancer. The results of the study were published in Cancer, a medical journal. Reportedly, the study revealed that when women with breast cancer ate soy, it lowered their chances of dying. While this study is not enough to prove eating more soy helps prevent breast cancer, the results are encouraging.

Breast Cancer Misdiagnosis Can Lead to Wrongful Death

When a doctor or hospital makes a mistake when diagnosing breast cancer, that is known as breast cancer misdiagnosis. If that cancer misdiagnosis results in a patient losing his or her life, that could be considered a wrongful death. In this video, medical malpractice attorney Daniel Jeck explains how wrongful death cases work in New Jersey.

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