Delay in treatment caused Pennsylvania infant’s brain injury

Expectant parents may have a lot of worries as their “labor day” approaches. While some people fret about the sex of the baby, many simply want the infant to arrive healthy. In Philadelphia, the doctors and nurses in a delivery room are trusted with the lives of both the mother and the infant. Mishandling the situation could lead to a devastating brain injury that could forever alter the life of the child.

A little 4-year-old girl now lives with spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy due to a major medical error in the delivery room. When her mother was in early labor, she was admitted to the hospital and placed on a fetal heart monitor. These devices track the baby’s heart rate and note any dangerous changes. The infant’s heart began decelerating, eventually turning into a life-threatening condition called bradycardia.

Despite the heart monitor warning of the symptoms, the nurses failed to let a doctor know in a timely fashion that the infant was in distress. The delay in treatment resulted in brain damage which caused the condition the little girl now lives with every day.

A Chester County jury heard the family’s lawsuit and awarded them $32.8 million in damages, making it one of the largest medical malpractice verdicts in the county. Much of the money is dedicated to future medical expenses, which the family is sure to incur as time goes on. Whenever someone suffers an injury at the hands of a negligent doctor or other medical professional, it is imperative to contact an attorney who can help file a claim seeking compensation.

Source: Philadelphia Business Journal, “4-year-old awarded $32.8M in medical malpractice suit,” John George, Jan. 22, 2014

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