Controversial birth injury fund could help families financially

Some mistakes in the workplace can be overlooked or handled with a simple conversation. When a Philadelphia doctor or other medical staff member makes a mistake, however, the results can be devastating. Many people hold physicians accountable by filing medical malpractice claims to rightly get the compensation they deserve. A medical error can result in skyrocketing bills and extreme pain or suffering, and someone other than the family should have to pay.

There are currently three states that have set up funds to help families whose babies suffered a brain injury during birth. Virginia, Florida and New York have established a way for these families to get the money they need to replace lost wages or pay for medical expenses after the birth injury. In Maryland, lawmakers are pushing to establish such a fund noting that there is a lot of financial pressure on practices due to the high costs of malpractice. Two recent multimillion dollar cases resulted in a hospital’s insurance costs doubling.

Anyone seeking money would have to apply directly to the fund and have proof of the injury that was sustained. Both malpractice insurers and hospitals or obstetrics and gynecological practices would pay into the fund at a set annual fee.

Those who oppose the bill note that such a fund could actually mean doctors are not held responsible for committing mistakes. A physician, practice or hospital that commits an error that results in a worsened condition should always be held accountable. Anyone who has been a victim of doctor negligence should hire an attorney who can focus on building a case so the individual and his or her family can focus on healing.

Source: The Baltimore Sun, “Maryland bill would create birth injury fund,” Andrea K. Walker, Feb. 10, 2014

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