Chicken nuggets recalled after pieces of plastic found within

While product recalls for dangerous drugs and other high-profile items tend to get all the news, a majority of recalls tend to involve simpler items such as foods and other perishables. While many of these recalls are the result of foods either being exposed to some disease-causing organism or sent without labels warning consumers of possible allergens, a few actually involve foreign objects working their way into food products. This may come as a shock to many Philadelphia consumers, who question how such things can happen despite the safeguards manufacturers have in place.

Many across the country are contemplating that same question after the food manufacturer Applegate recently issued a recall of over 15,000 pounds of their chicken nuggets. The recall was prompted after the company received multiple consumer complaints about small pieces of plastic being found within the nuggets. A subsequent investigation revealed that a piece of the plastic container that their raw chicken was stored in had broken off and been processed along with the chicken. The company confirmed that over 30,400 packages of nuggets could potentially contain these small pieces of plastic. As of right now, no illnesses or injuries have been reported as a result of the contamination.

While the company itself made the decision to pull the products from store shelves before an actual recall statement had been issued by the USDA, such action doesn’t keep them or other manufacturers who experience similar problems from being held liable should their products cause illness or injury. Yet pursuing legal action following exposure to a dangerous product may not be as simple as many may think. Those who hope to do so may first wish to first consult with an attorney to determine the validity of their claims.

Source: “Massive chicken nugget recall ordered after complaints of ‘plastic bits’” Aug. 14, 2014

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