Are Breast Cancer Misdiagnoses Causing Women to Put Off Mammograms?

Being told that you have cancer and then later finding out you do not can put victims and their families through the ringer in several ways. While it is obviously a relief to find out they do not have cancer, if they discover too late that they were misdiagnosed, victims can go through the rigors of treatment unnecessarily. For instance, breast cancer misdiagnoses can lead to patients undergoing irreversible surgical procedures, such as the unnecessary breast removal surgery that a woman underwent because of a cancer misdiagnosis.

In addition to suffering due to life-altering medical errors, a breast cancer misdiagnosis can lead to victims putting off future breast exams, which can result in a tumor failing to be diagnosed in time to avoid becoming fatal.

Breast Cancer Misdiagnoses Are Resulting in Women Waiting to Get Mammograms

Recently, it was reported that a study discovered that women who are mistakenly diagnosed with breast cancer following a mammogram are more likely to delay scheduling their next breast exam. On the other hand, women who receive a clean bill of health as a result of a breast exam tend to undergo their next mammogram within three to six months.

Why It Is Vital to Get a Breast Cancer Diagnosis Right the First Time

In this video, medical malpractice attorney Ken Rothweiler talks about how delayed diagnoses can unnecessarily cost people their lives.

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