A number of women reported injuries caused by birth control device

A number of women report injuries caused by birth control device

Many women in Pennsylvania may be shocked to learn that the safety of a popular birth control device is being questioned. A number of women have reported suffering injuries caused by the Mirena intrauterine device. The Mirena IUD is a small, plastic device that is inserted in the uterus, where it releases hormones to prevent pregnancy. Some women, however, have complained that their devices have come lose in their bodies, perforating the uterus and ending up in the abdomen.

A number of women have now filed lawsuits against the manufacturer of the Mirena IUD for their injuries and pain and suffering.

One woman who suffered a perforation injury caused by the IUD had planned to have more children later in life, but due to her injuries she may not be able to do so, according to her lawsuit.

In other cases, women have had to undergo hysterectomies due to complications with Mirena IUDs.

Although the company is still standing behind the birth control method, in August it did change its label to note that lactating women may be at risk of suffering uterine perforation from the IUD.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is currently monitoring reports of complications caused by the device.

Pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers do have a responsibility to make sure that their products are safe and that doctors and patients are informed about potential risks. When they fail to do so and consumers are injured, the victims may be able to hold the negligent companies accountable.

Those who have been injured by a Mirena IUD may benefit from seeking legal advice.

Source: CBS Boston, “I-Team: Birth Control Device Causing Serious Injuries,” Karen Anderson, Dec. 5, 2013

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